dotEPUB – cloud-based ebook creation


  dotEPUB is “software in the cloud” that I have become totally dependent on for my personal ebook reading.

With just a click-or-two, it turns a web article into an ePub for use on my ebook reader. I don’t like reading long articles on my computer, so easily moving them to my ebook reader is very handy.

(Click here for a side-note about an overlooked use of ebook readers.)

dotEPUB has several tools that integrate with your browser to convert an web page into a ePub or a mobi (Kindle) file. dotEPUB works well with most web pages and is flawless with pages that have a “print” feature.

The ePub created by dotEPUB is usually fine, as is, but if you want to tweak or annotate it, you can open the ePub file with Sigil and edit it from there.

I use dotEPUB’s javascript “bookmarklet” that sits on the web browser’s bookmark toolbar. When you get to a web page you want to read later, it’s as simple as clicking the bookmark and the rest of the process is automated. When the ePub has been created and saved, you transfer the file to your ebook reader as you usually would (USB cable, email, etc).

The site has number of other tools which I have not used. A possibly useful tool is a an ePub creation button you can add to your website or WordPress blog. It also as tools for iPads.

dotEPUB Creator Another is the web-based “Creator” which creates a formatted ePub using a simplified mark-up language similar to that of a wiki. No software to install.

 Tool: dotEPUB

 Description: cloud-based tool for ePub creation

 License: free to use

 Alternatives: Sigil, Calibre

 Rating: very useful

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