Typora – fast, free word processor for your everyday writing.

TyporaTypora is free Markdown-based word processor.

Microsoft Word and Apple Pages are amazing word processors but bigger is not always better.

I have much more modest needs for that vast majority of my writing — bold, italics, headlines, etc. I must not be alone because a whole bunch of Markdown based word processors have recently sprung-up.

My favorite is Typora. It is free, simple and cross-platform. I have used the Linux and Windows version for months.

For those not familiar: Markdown is a very simple text formatting scheme that came from how people were already writing emails.

bold   italic

You can use a minimal text editor to write Markdown because it’s just a text file but Typora allows you to see the formatting as you write. Formatting can also be done with short-cut keys. ctrl+b = bold,     ctrl+i = italic,    etc.

Typora exports to Word, PDF, OpenOffice, HTML etc. There are also programs which convert Markdown to just about any format.

I have used Markdown for book-length manuscripts and it worked very well. The file was gigantic and it bogged down my full word processor to a crawl. Since Markdown is just a text file, it didn’t have this problem.

You can insert graphics but you won’t use it for desktop publishing. For your everyday writing, Typora and Markdown could be ideal.


Description: Markdown based word processor for Windows, Linux and Mac (beta)

License: proprietary but free for now.

Usefulness: very


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