Bootstrap – a template for mobile-friendly websites

jjffjj_bootstrap_logo80% of Internet users have a smart phone, so your web sites simply must be mobile-compatible. Thanks to Twitter’s free Bootstrap template, this is now easy. Bootstrap has quickly become the most used template for mobile websites.jjffjj_bootstrap_screenshot

With Bootstrap the same web page adjusts itself to look good on full-size computers screens, laptops, tablets, phones, etc. Think of it as a “one size fits all” web page.

Bootstrap comes in all levels of complexity but it does require some basic HTML skills. There are many variants, so you can start with a simple blank page or a fully designed one. Bootstrap is also well-documented and has good tutorials.

Additionally: Google provides a very useful Mobile-Friendly Test site to see how your page looks on a phone and will give suggestions for improving. While Bootstrap is pretty amazing, it still may take some adjusting. Another good test site is here.

Bottom line: a great template if you are comfortable with a little coding.

Tool: Bootstrap
Description: Mobile-friendly template for websites.
License: MIT
Alternatives: WordPress, others.
Usefulness: very

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